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Dog with a blog (Part nine)

Hi it’s Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*! I did it, what you ask? I guilted them into taking me to the beach! If you read the last couple of weeks posts you might remember I told you how they left me with friends and headed to the beach WITHOUT ME! How rude! Well all week I flashed my adorable puppy dog eyes, and it worked like a charm.

Here I am! My first trip to the beach!!!


 This looks interesting, it’s like one huge, enormous, expansive bath . . . . of FUN, Here I go . . . .


 Freedom!!!! Look at me, Arooh, this is awesome!!!!!!!!! Run me Run!


I can surf too


Hmmm, maybe it’s getting nippy


I am a real sea doggy now


Wow this beach place is exhausting


Time for a groom I think! after all a girl always has to look her best!


Now that’s more like it!

This beach place is fun, but there is nothing like a day of pampering to recover and get that sand out of my fur! It’s been a big week, from Sea doggy to Spa doggy, gosh I love my life!

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Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest sea pup ever*


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Don’t forget to love your pets and animals everywhere, love Holly-Rose xx

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