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Dog with a blog (part seven)

It’s me Holly-Rose! You know the cutest dog ever! Yesterday I was not a happy pup! Let me tell you why . . . .back to the beginning . . .

Yesterday there was a buzz of excitement around the house, bags being packed, teddy bears being chosen, bathers, beach towels, all this can only equal one thing my first trip ever to the BEACH! Yipee, I have heard about this thing called ‘beach’ sand as far as the eye can see to run and run and run on, and water to splash in, I love water. Walks and cuddles and fun!

The car is being packed, this can equal one thing ROAD TRIP!


I see my bed, and yes they are packing it up! Mummy gets a bag and starts packing my toys, my favourite fluffy pink baby blanket, my bestest sleep time toy, and food glorious food! She is piling it near the front door, this is going to be awesome. I wag my tail, I leap about and run in circles giddy with excitement.

Mummy picks me up and we have wonderful cuddles, she is talking to me in that silly voice she does, she loves me, I’m the cutest ever (I know all this mummy, OK yes it is nice to hear it)! But wait. What does she mean “I will miss you?” Won’t I be with her? Oh I get it I must just be going with daddy and the kids, OK mummy well bye, don’t get to lonely on your own while we hit the beach! I am having visions of me on a body-board. Oh yes I will Google body-boards. Oh yes this will be awesome! I will be the best body-boarding puppy ever. I can see it now

*HOLLY-ROSE *cutest dog ever* takes the body-boarding world by storm

with her super cute, super awesome moves*

I will be like this, (but cuter)


OH YEAH I can do this, (but cuter)


Then I will look like this, (but cuter, of course)

surf-dog-7_2009753iHang on . . . What? Why is daddy saying bye too? Wait no, noooooo they are leaving me! Mummy, Daddy wait you forgot me!!!!! Mummy, Daddy wait you forgot me!!!!

What do I do now? I look at my things all packed up sitting by the front door, me sad! Me very sad!

I wonder around the empty house, why have they left me? I knew I should have stayed in that car roof pod!


Wait, I hear something . . .  A key in the door . . .It’s Jasper, my big brother is here with his mummy and daddy. They are loading my stuff and I am getting cuddles. Yipee.

After a drive we pull up somewhere, hmm I think I’ve been here before, haven’t I? Oh yes there is Abby! Abby is Aspen’s best friend (yes I know another A name can you believe it? I can’t believe my name isn’t Aolly!) Abby is hugging me and I am licking her, I am so happy!

I here the humans talking. They are saying I am staying here for a weekend retreat, oh yes now I may not be at the beach, but I know Abby and her family will spoil me! I am having visions


“Oh Abby’s Mum a glass of wine would be nice” (Oh hang on I’m only a pup, maybe a glass of water)


Ahh so refreshed


This morning I awoke feeling so refreshed, breakfast followed by a morning of tennis


And then off to watch Abby at Ballet class


Who needs the beach? Me happy now!

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever* (aka ‘wonder pup’ who surfs, plays tennis, attends day spas and dabbles in ballet).

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Don’t forget to hug your pets, and give them lots of love. Always ensure you have a safe and happy place that your pets can stay when you head away for a weekend!

A special thank you to Abby and her family for minding Holly this weekend xx




    • Thanks Jackie for stopping bye, you made this wonder pup very happy xx

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