I’m just a girl

 Dog with a blog (part eight)

Hi it’s Holly-Rose here, let me tell you a little about me! (It is my favourite topic after all).

I am just a girl, cute as a button, all sweet and pretty with bows in my hair and . . .


WHAT? Hold up now, rewind . . . scratch that, start over . .

I am just a puppy, a cute ball of fluff, a pretty little puppy with bows in my hair and a pink tutu to wear. I’m petite and oh so sweet and I need a big strong male doggy to look after me.

What? Um NO I don’t! Scratch that . . start over . . .

I am a puppy and I am a strong independent kind of pup, even the Vet said so. It’s true, he said I didn’t need no male Vet to tell me what to do, I just gobbled down that worming tablet all on my own. And I didn’t even make a sound when he gave me my injection! I am one tough little ball of fluff! 

I am puppy hear me roar (bark), in numbers too big to ignore! I am strong, I am invincible, I am PUPPY, hear me bark! 

And OK even I have to admit I am cute, but I don’t need no boy pup to tell me so!


Until next time hugs and licks love Holly



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