Meet the Family


Hey there thanks for stopping by to meet my family! I was adopted, but my birth mummy’s name is Rosie (that’s where I got my middle name!) My daddy is Jackson, he’s really cool, he was visiting my mummy and oops she got pregnant. My mummy is awesome though, plus she’s super pretty (obviously, how else could I be so adorable?)

I have a big brother called Jasper who stays over lots, this is him

Jasper_20150115_0387he’s a handsome fella, calm down ladies , sorry to say he has been fixed up, if you know what I mean?

I have some other older siblings too, Thunder, Lulu and more. Oh and this is my cousin Simba



 My other cousin Ruby


My friend Ted


And my buddy Tiger


I was a triplet, the last to be born, first came Rosie Junior (little fluff ball), then Bandit (he’s the cheeky one), and then me, I shot out so quick and was still completely in my sac, the runt of the litter, but it’s made me strong, plus a girls always gotta make an awesome entrance!

Here are some photos of my siblings



Look at me! I was sleeping like my toy (I know, too cute right?) That’s Rosie in the middle before she got fluffy, and that’s Bandit on the end.

Hey check out how cute I was here!




Then we got bigger



And for some strange reason people took photos of our butts….. I know weird right?


 That’s me on the left, Bandit in the middle and Rosie on the right.

So then I was adopted by the team! My new mummy is a writer, she blogs stuff, and I thought hey, I’m as clever as her, I can blog, how hard can typing any random thought that comes into your head be? I know not hard at all, well if you are a chatterbox like me! Anyway back to my new Mummy, she is really nice, she lets me curl up and nuzzle in when she’s typing, I find the tap, tap, tap quite soothing actually. She talks in a funny voice to me though, she says weird things like “Who’s the cutest wootist girl ever?” (I mean it’s obviously me, so why does she need to ask such a pointless question?) Then she says “Holly Dolly”, or “Miss Holly had a Dolly who was ….” I don’t know it’s some song she sings, I don’t get it, I don’t have a dolly, lots of toys yes, but no dolly!

My new dad is really cool, he likes to play with me lots, and he doesn’t talk strange like Mummy. He usually gets me up in the morning and we have a run outside.

Then there is these three little people, they adore me, they carry me everywhere (it’s luxury), they play with me, the brush me, let me up on their beds for story time and even call out to their parents in really loud voices when I pee on the floor, I think they are proud of me so come to think of it I might do it more often! The little boy Adam is really sweet he gets out these cool car books and reads them to me, sometimes we fall asleep together, it’s nice. The girls are Aspen and April.

I like it here, they are really nice! And they even took me to visit Rosie today, here we are, check out my big smile, I was so happy!


 We had play fights too, such fun!


Of course we made up


So that’s my family! Yep life’s sweet!

Hugs and Licks Holly *cutest dog ever*


  1. Holly is adorable I love her so much. Her blog is awesome
    and I can’t wait for the next one

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