Everything’s coming up Rosie

Dog with a Blog (part 4)

What a week! Where does a girl start? I had the best time catching up with my sister Rosie, we played, we fought, we ate, we slept, and did it all over again, I know too awesome right?! Look how happy I am!!



But my week didn’t stop there, I went with April and Adam to their private swimming lesson and I jumped into the pool, it was the best, mum caught me so I didn’t get far, but man what a rush! Can’t wait to do that again, the cool lady at the pool said I am welcome anytime! They made me have a bath when I got home though.Holly_JoMalone_20150128_1148


I also went to the Australian Open this week, check out my new top! I know too cute *insert my cutest puppy wink here* To top it off I have got my own Website, yep ambition pays off, come by and check out my modeling studio and meet my family! What a week.Holly_Aus_open_20150129_1103


PS: I did a huge puppy spew on the carpet today, I am just doing my bit for the candle and diffuser industries. I am generous like that.

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever*

Hey there check out my modeling studio to see more cute photos, go on it will make you smile!

Meet my family



Don’t forget to be kind to your pets!




  1. Great blog holly, your talent and sense of humor is a very refreshing change, i love it, you need to keep this up.
    I can see big things for you.
    Unlimited bones, toys and even people to pat and bath you, your own personal groomer, oh life as the dog with a blog, it good be great.

  2. Hi Paul, Holly here, yep life’s pretty sweet with my new family, I’m just lazing on the couch at the moment with my daddy watching soccer, Australia just won the AFC Asian Cup, so he’s happy which means extra pats for me. Thanks for reading my blog, extra licks from Holly

  3. Thanks Holly, I was just wondering who had won the soccer and you filled me in, very helpful !

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