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Dog with a Blog (part 5)

This week was really confusing, suddenly all the noise seemed to disappear, one day everything was normal, then a rush of excitement like something really great was about to happen, little shoes lined up, bags lined up, “Yippee” I thought “we are going on a fantastic adventure”!!!! Then . . . hang on a minute where is everyone going? Why are they leaving me? Why can’t I come too? It seems they don’t allow dogs to put on little black lace-up shoes and wear these big backpacks and take a packed lunch! Why? Was I naughty? Why can’t I come too? Me sad! Shoes_bw_20150201_1161


So day two came, and I had a plan, I will chew on my little buddy Adam’s jumper, I will tear a great big hole it in and huh you can’t take my buddy Adam away, oh no he is staying home from this mysterious place that the humans call “school”!


NOOOOO they caught me, mission abort, mission abort, FAIL! Me sad! But wait . . . what’s this, I’m coming too? Yes I am in the car, this is the BEST DAY EVER! Or maybe not, actually not so great, let me explain! It all started off great, all these happy kids in matching outfits patting me, loving me, I am a superstar, oh yes one boy just said I am cuter than BOO! All is going great, but OK that’s enough, now I am thinking, ‘a girl gets tired you know’! But they don’t stop . . . Save me mummy . . . lesson learned there is such a thing as ‘too much patting’, who would have thought it? I know it is hard to believe my fellow doggy friends, but it’s true!



Wednesday came and Adam stayed home from school, guess he was exhausted from all the patting too! Yippee my best buddy is home, we can play all day! Or maybe Adam is not so exhausted after all, lesson number 2 for the week, there is such a thing as too much playing with a five year old boy! This girl is exhausted!!!!!



So I spend Thursday and Friday curled up under daddy’s desk by his feet, ah bliss! Lesson 3 for the week “a girl needs her beauty sleep”!


Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever*

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  1. Poor Holly, it has been a confusing week for you, us pups need to stick together! Glad you got some rest though!

    • Thanks Marie, love and licks from Holly, see you on Saturday xx

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