Hello world!

Dog with a Blog. (Part 1)

Hi readers I’m Holly-Rose, I’ve just joined the team at reflectionsfromme.com although I think they are a bit sleep deprived I kind of kept them up last night, but hey in my defence I was missing my brother and sister! I did like all the cuddles that I got though, and they didn’t get mad when I weed on the carpet, so I guess they are OK with that, well maybe not they did get rid of it pretty quick. They like to pat me lots so I think I’m going to be pretty happy here, yep life’s pretty sweet at reflectionsfromme.com!

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly (cutest dog ever)!


PS: Don’t forget to love your pets!



  1. She is the cutest puppy ever, it is great to read something light hearted in a world where we hear such sad news everyday. Let’s hope it also inspires people to be kinder to there pets!

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