Happiness can be just being me

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose! Who? OK I get it, it’s been a while, sorry. But you remember me, *cutest dog ever*


First of all I have to say, I am so sad about what has happened overseas, not just Paris, but all the terrible sad things in many countries. But you may remember that Paris has a special place in my heart. 


I feel very sad about what happened, and my thoughts and love are with you all.

But I also have some happy things going on, and I think when times are sad we need to remember how to be happy and be grateful for the great things we have in our lives, see I am not just cute, but oh so wise!

So here I go with my happy sparkly collar on spreading my happy sparkles wherever I go.

10 happy things.

  1. Now I must confess I wasn’t so sure when this one appeared if I was happy, but boy can that Dougie play! Dougie you say, who is Dougie? He is my new roommate. Now don’t get carried away I know he is cute, but he is not as cute as me, well noone ever could be. I mean look at me, I am poised and ladylike and cute all at the same time! But yes Dougie does make me happy I must confess!DSC_0575011115
  2. Sad week because my human sister has been sick, but happy because I felt good about looking after her. Yes Doctor Holly-Rose was in the house! I know I am no just cute, I am highly intelligent and a good snuggler. (My talents even amaze me). File 15-11-2015, 8 49 42 PM
  3. It kind of made me happy watching Toby and Dougie learn to get along. (But I’m still number one, right Toby?) DSC_0585011115
  4. Happiness all so comes from the smell of freshly baked cookies. Well at least it did when I thought I might get one, but no, not even a crumb! When are those humans going to bake me some doggy cookies? Hint. Hint!File 20-11-2015, 9 59 23 PM
  5. I was pretty happy with Jasper this week, he made a real effort not to grump at me more than ten times a day! File 19-11-2015, 12 15 17 PM
  6. And I was happy when we got some new toys to play with! Then I learnt they were for Dougie! Dougie, it’s all about Dougie! But he shares, well at least he shares when I make him share.  But sharing is caring, Barney taught me that!sharing-is-caring1
  7. I am happy that I am loved, no matter how many new pets our family has, I know I am special and that makes me happy. Summer_holly_20150114_0362
  8. It makes me happy that I have a garden to run and play in!   20150125_0888
  9. I am so happy that I get to live with a crazy bunch of people that know how to have fun! Sam_googles_holly_20150205_1223
  10. But most of all I am thankful and happy that they haven’t made me go surfing lately! DSC_1084070315

yep a girl can not look her best with ocean hair! Blow dryer anyone? Anyone?


oh thank goodness for that!

Until next time, bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly-Rose *cutest and happiest dog ever*

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PS: I turn ONE next week!



    • thanks Lindsay, I always love seeing your dogs on your website xx

  1. You have so much to be happy about Holly-Rose! What a nice snuggler you are! I hope your human sister feels better. 🙂

    • thank you, yes she feels better, but now my human mummy is sick. My medical skills always come in handy. Lucky they have a clever pup like me in the family.

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