Bonjour, I’m in France!

Dog with a Blog (part 3)

Bonjour, Mon nom est Holly, guess what? I am in France! I’m having the best adventure, dining at Pierre Gagnaire, eating lots of doggy macaroons, I visited the Lourve, I even made some new friends, a poodle called Fifi and a Lab called Jean-Paul, we visited Notre-Dame together and Fifi and I checked out the Eiffel Tower (Fifi left a cheeky package there, opps)!

And then I woke up and realised I had been tricked!!! They had just dressed me in a French outfit so I would look “cute”!!!! They have no intention of taking me to Paris to meet FiFi  and Jean-Paul! *insert grumpy puppy face here* Do they think I have no dignity, I am more than just a “cute” thing to play with. I have feelings, dreams, ambition, yes people I am a girl with a vision!

OK I must admit I just saw the photo of me in my designer French outfit and I am pretty cute, actually I am totally adorable, (but don’t tell the reflections team I said so, we can’t let them off the hook that easily!!)

Shh come in closer now, this is just between you and me . . .* in my best whisper voice* OK I have a plan, I will milk this for all it’s worth, I will pout and make those cute puppy whining noises until they feel so bad that I get my own Website!!!!!! I told you I have a vision, a vision of me, my name in lights and  . . . oh no they’re coming, quick they can’t see what I’m typing, I will just sit here looking cute chewing on the keyboard . . .*insert innocent puppy face here*

Until next week, au revoir, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly (cutest *French* dog ever)!


Hey there, don’t forget to be kind to animals, we are pretty special, and we need lots of love, thanks!


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