How could he not love me?

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever* and this is blog number 25.

My weekend with Rosie was sensational! As soon as we saw each other we did our happy pee right on the nice lady’s tiles! But she didn’t get mad she just put us outside and we played and we played and we played, and you guessed it we played! The man there even taught me some tricks, I was a quick learner he said (which was obvious because I am a blogging dog, so clearly I am brilliant)!


When mummy and daddy came to pick me up I was exhausted, I got home and just belly flopped, I had the best sleep ever! I am a bit sad though, I don’t know why my big brother Jasper doesn’t like to play with me. I tried to wear him down with my cuteness but he still runs away from me or growls at me. I don’t know what to do, any one have any advice? Jasper is staying with us for a couple of months because his mummy and daddy have gone travelling. I wont give up hope though, one day he will love me! How could he not?



Anyway some good news to share, my cousin Ruby is coming to stay (Jasper wont be happy), her human friends are coming too, but most importantly RUBY is coming to see me! It is going to be an awesome week for this cute pup!

Until next week, hugs and licks Holly-Rose *cutest most brilliant dog ever*



This one is for you Jasper!


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