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Dog with a Blog (part fourteen)

Hi, it’s Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

This week has been all about adjusting to my new life with those furry things. My friend Ellie told me they are called kittens, that’s a funny word I think. ‘Puppy’ and ‘dog’ are much better words than ‘kitten’.

I was not sure about these furry things at the start of the week, (oops sorry I mean kittens). I liked eating their poop, but my family wouldn’t let me, so I had to wonder what the point of these kittens were. If I can’t eat their yummy poop then why keep them around at all? You know what I mean, right?

I mean check out the boy kitten here!



Who does he think he is? “Hey Toby“, I said “I was here first you know?” I was all like “Relax furry thing, just chill out!

I am just not a girl who is into drama, so I just chilled and did my own thing. You know what that is? It is what I do best of course, look super cute and totally adorable!



Then I saw Adam patting Toby and Pumpkin and I got sad, I started to wonder, “what if my family just doesn’t love me any more? What if they think these furry things are cuter than me? Could they? Would they? Adam do you still love me?



So I hid, I sulked, and I looked cute doing it.

Then something happened, Adam came and got me and guess what he said? All sorts of great things! They were all true of course, things like

“Holly you are so cute”!

“I love you Holly”!

“You’re my best friend Holly”!

Awe, music to my fluffy ears, “did you hear that kittens? I am his best friend“!

DSC_0431OK, so maybe I had nothing to worry about, they all still love me! Even Toby loves me, look at him smile.

DSC_0495I am still not happy about being banned from eating the poop, and I am not even allowed to eat the kitten food. I am also not happy that they can jump so easily onto the couch and I still can’t get up there, those furry things can jump everywhere and anywhere. I secretly kind of giggle though when they get told off for getting up on the table. But the truth is, and hang on just let me check if anyone is listening . . . .

OK the coast is clear. I secretly kind of like having them here. When I am bored they are fun to chase, we go around and around. I like playing with their kitten toys, and I like snuggling up on the bed and sleeping with them. Best of all I like that I am never alone. We all get along now, and the kids, you know Aspen, April and Adam are always hugging us and they are so happy that we are here. I am glad that we all got adopted. Thanks Mummy and Daddy for giving us a cosy home.



Until next week, hugs and licks, from Holly *cutest dog ever*

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