The invasion of the furry things

Dog with a Blog (part thirteen)  Hi everyone! I’m back! It’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever* Happy to say I am feeling almost back to myself after my surgery. But I have to tell you it has been a very, VERY strange week. I will start at the beginning . . . . So picture this . . . there I was minding my own business, you know looking all cute and fluffy. Just chillin’, enjoying all the attention, all the pats I could want, everyone saying Awe Holly you are sooooo cute, and then . . .  we are heading out. After a drive in the car we arrive at the Vet! Oh No, please tell me no more surgery!!!!! I feel nervous. We walk in and everyone starts fussing over me, I am getting cuddles. Relief the vet says I am healing well, all good. So can we go home now? Wait hang on, why are we heading over to this big cage . . . .? And wait, what is that in the cage? They are furry like me, but different. They make a funny noise, and they have longer tails than me. What are they? And why are they getting out of the cage??? Why are the kids saying “Awe they are so cute?” I am the CUTE one! Me! Hey kids look at me I am doing my cute face!!!!!!! After a while we leave and those interesting, kind of weird furry things are back in their cage. But the story doesn’t end there! Oh no, the next thing I know it’s a new day and my family go out, and when they come back they have a strange thing, it looks like the big cage, just a really tiny version . .and  . . . .hang on, what is that inside . . . ? Let me investigate! DSC_0423 They are kind of shy. I think they are scared. I am not sure if I like them yet, but I feel kind of interested. I guess they are kind of cute, and they look more nervous than me. OK, I guess I could get to like these strange furry things. I decide to share my water with them. We all have a drink together. The humans think we are so sweet, and I get lots of pats for sharing so nicely. DSC_0467 DSC_0470 We have some fun, the kids make us all a pretend picnic. It is fun. I think I could like them being here. One is a boy called Toby, the other a girl, her name is London. The next day, something strange is happening. Mummy and April rush off with London. Toby and I are worried. When they come back London is not with them. Everyone is crying lots, everyone is sad. I don’t think London is coming back. DSC_0478 A few days later I hear them talking about how more animals don’t have homes, like Toby, he was found under a tree, no mummy, no home. They say there are lots of animals without homes. images (4) There is a sound, oh yes it is a car pulling up in the drive way! I love visitors! It always means more pats for me, Yipeeeeee!  The door opens and I rush over, yes it is a lady and she loves me, she is patting me and I am feeling so happy, but what is she doing now? She pulls a mini cage out of her car, and there is another furry creature in there. It is coming inside. It is another girl, her name is Pumpkin Maisey. She looks a bit scared, but she is very pretty and April is smiling again, she hasn’t smiled much this week, since London didn’t come home. DSC_0538 So we are settling in nicely with our new family. Toby likes to snuggle with me now. DSC_0494 Pumpkin’s not to sure yet about me, but she has only been here 2 days. She really likes mummy, she is always snuggling with her and everyone is really happy that we have these new furry things, including me. The best bit is when I ate some of the poo they did. It was awesome I found it in this kitty litter stuff and I started to run off with it down the hallway, everyone yelling “no Holly!” It was so funny, I made a big mess and mummy had to bath me and brush my teeth. I like my bath time. DSC_0559 Yep life is sweet here at Reflections From Me. We are growing and we are having fun. Until next week, hugs and licks, from Holly *cutest furry thing ever* OK OK those furry things are cute too, but I am still the *cutest dog ever* See my modelling Studio visit my mummy’s website 2015-01-12_17-32-00   images (5)   This post is dedicated to the memory of London. We only knew you a short time, but you were so loved. We are glad we could rescue you and give you and your brother Toby a loving home, we wish we could have had you longer, but we will never forget you. We promise to take the best care of Toby. Good bye London, until we meet again. DSC_0474

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  1. Good for you for being so accommodating Holly-Rose! With your new little furriends. Sorry about London, sometimes us kitties get sick. Sounds like you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks supervising those kitties. They can provide much heat in winter! Lucky you 🙂

    • Thanks so much for commenting, made me a happy puppy

  2. Daw, those little kitties! They are so cute, and you are too. So glad you’re sharing well. Don’t eat poop again, though, Holly, because although it might be funny, it really isn’t. No.

    • Holly-Rose says, I am a Moodle, a cross between Poodle and Maltese Terrier xx

  3. Great post, makes me want to go out and get a new kitten as mine passed away last year! RIP London. Love how Holly-Rose has such a great attitude to it’s new friends 🙂

  4. They are so cute, I love the way you tell it from the dog’s point of view. We have 3 rescue cats and rescued a dog at Christmas they are still working out how to get along 🙂 thanks for sharing #sundaystars

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