A Dog with a Blog! Meet Holly. *Cutest Dog Ever*


Meet Holly cutest dog ever!! Did I mention she can type, yep she is not only adorable, she is also a genius and this is her blog! She is cheeky, smart, funny and super sweet, oh and she likes to chew on everything. This is her story, hope you can join her on her doggy adventures . . . .



Hey this is my blog mg! Hi everyone, Holly-Rose here. I finally did it I have created my very on blog, I told you I am a girl (puppy) with ambition! Plus I knew that if I chewed on enough furniture and shoes they would eventually give in, I have these humans trained already, seriously I am a genius. So all puppys and dogs out there, pure-breds, strays, cross breeds, designer dogs, whoever, even you cats, yes you, if you want to have lots of fun together sign up to receive my blog updates every Saturday.

OK, OK bunnies, fish, guinea pigs, all pets, you are welcome too, us pets must stand united.



To find out more about me and my family there are some links below.

Hugs and licks from Holly




All photography by reflections photography, to see Holly-Rose’s poses head to photograpghy.reflectionsfromme.com

On a serious note, a word from mg:  it is important that we stop cruelty to animals, we need to treat our pets as part of our family, like the saying goes “a dog is for life, not for Christmas’, this goes for all pets, they are not just a bit of fun, they are hard work, if you are not willing to put in the hard work then don’t get one. There are so many dogs, cats and other animals abandoned every day across the world, if you can please adopt your pets from shelters.

Remember to do your research, find a pet suitable to your family. Talk to shelters, to vets, pet stores, read up online and ask other people who own pets similar to what you are looking at getting for their opinions and advice. Before we got Holly we read a lot about dogs, we looked at what we could offer a pet as a family, we spoke to a vet, we visited pet stores, we looked after my parents dog, and when the opportunity came up for a dog that needed adopting we knew what we were getting into, well we weren’t expecting a puppy who could blog, but we’re rolling with it. Be flexible, remember animals need our love, and trust me they have plenty of love to give us back.

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