Don’t be sad my friends



Hey everybody it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

Check me out, party hat napkin, pretty Zebra striped outfit, what does that = ? PARTY! But better than that it  =’s MY PARTY! Yes although I was afraid the family of human people may forget my special day, they didn’t! They had a whole party planned.

File 29-11-2015, 7 33 32 PM

There were friends, and cake and doggy treats and I even got to drink out of a champagne flute (although a plastic one, don’t they think I can be trusted with glass or crystal?) I got presents too, yay presents! A girl as cute as me is bound to get presents how did I ever doubt that they would deliver!

Mummy (human mummy) has been very slack posting this, I wrote it ages ago! Sometimes she thinks her blog is so much more important than mine! Does she not understand I have fans, I have millions of puppies calling my name, wondering where I am! They are crying in their puppy beds, they are barking in the streets, they are refusing to eat their dog food! Look here are some emails I’ve gotten.

Max writes: “Holly I just feel so abandoned, where are you, and why won’t you answer me?


Peggy writes “Holly I just can’t seem to get off the floor I have lost all motivation without you.”



The triplets (from left to right Marley, Milly & Bobby) write. “Holly we feel so depressed, we can’t get off the couch, please come back to us! We just feel so lost.


Sally’s owner Marie writes. “Dear Holly-Rose I can’t get Sally to communicate with me anymore, she barely opens her eyes. I have tried doggy treats, shaking her lead, a change in diet, a new ball, even a cat to chase, but nothing works, I am at a loss, please blog soon! Things are desperate.


Timmy writes. “I can’t get out of bed Holly-Rose, the world is not the same without you.


Even Boo writes. “Holly-Rose without your inspiration lately I have felt lost! I thought I wanted you to disappear so everyone would only love me, but I was wrong, without you I feel empty inside.


Benji Writes. “Holly-Rose I love you, please come back, I am broken hearted. Oh and PS my owners are getting sick of me lying on the floor


So you see, it was not my fault, it was my human mummy! (Don’t worry mummy I still love you, but you need to respect my right to free speech and self expression).

So yes my friends I am OK, so please start eating again, play ball, you need to get off those couches and beds and start exercising!

Oh look at these happy pics coming in right now.

Right on Holly-Rose!”








Pretty cool hey!

So yes don’t worry friends, next time when I enter the cone of silence know that I am not abandoning you, it is my mummy who is just not posting my blogs.

So yes my party was great, I wish you all could have been there!

Here is me looking at the cake.

File 29-11-2015, 7 30 09 PM

Another cake pic

File 29-11-2015, 7 30 59 PM

My friend Dougie.

File 29-11-2015, 7 32 27 PM

And don’t forget my good friend George.

File 29-11-2015, 7 31 52 PM

Oh and look at me with my favourite present!

File 29-11-2015, 7 27 26 PM

Bow wow for now my friends, hugs and licks Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever that will never abandon you*

Mummy wrote a sad post about our Kitty London this week. You can read it here.



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