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Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

Guess what, guess what, guess what?????? It is almost my birthday!!! I know it’s just too exciting I can’t contain myself!! I have never had a birthday before, well except my actual birth DAY, you know the day I shot out into the world! Did you know that? I just shot out, for the first few days they called me JET! But Holly-Rose is much cuter. Anyway I was the runt of the litter, the last one born and oh so teeny tiny.

So birthdays. I hear they are super fun. I hear cake, I hear presents, games, toys, fun! Is this true? Oh please tell me this is true? I have been trying to do some investigating, looking under mummy and daddy’s bed, but I didn’t find cake under there. I looked in the kitchen, but nothing has been baking yet. I did some investigation into the possibility they hid all my presents under the kids bed! But mission failed, still nothing to find. Now mummy has been sick this week, so the shops have not been visited, that has me worried!

What if I get nothing? What if they forget? Oh my goodness, what if they have no idea it’s my birthday?! New mission, I must get hold of the calendar. I can blog so how hard can it be to break into their password protected computers and add my birthday to their calendars? Wish me luck!

Repeat after me “GO HOLLY GO!” . . . . . . .  . “I can’t hear you!”  . . . . . .”Louder!”  . . . . . . “GO HOLLY GO!”

Mission completed! I’m in . . . . wait for it!  . . . . .

Oh. Oh now I feel a bit bad, now I feel a bit sneaky and guilty, because there on the screen on November 29 it says

Holly-Rose turns 1 today!

They didn’t forget me! YAY! OK next mission . . . . . Resume search for hidden presents . . . . Can I hear you say


Until next time, bow wow for now, licks and hugs Holly *cutest almost birthday girl ever*

look how cute I was




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