Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

Today I am totally feeling misunderstood and well to be honest I just feel a little angry . . . . . Maybe even more than a little angry.

But let me start at the beginning, the day starts off all lovely, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone is like “morning Holly-Rose” and “oh come here Holly-Rose you are so so so cute”, I’m getting cuddles and tummy rubs and yes it’s a good day!

Then it happens . . . .  A man just starts randomly walking up our drive way towards MY house! I don’t know this man, I have never seen him before STRANGER I think, STRANGER DANGER! Now as a good guard dog I did what any good guard dog should do (yes I am more than just a super cute blogging pup, I am house protector extraordinary pup) so I barked, and I barked and Jasper joined in and we barked really loud! Impressive right? Yes I know we are amazing, we told that stranger to go away, that this is our house and these are our family people and not his. We made it clear he wasn’t to mess with us!

Here we are ready for duty!


Don’t mess with us!


Only our owners didn’t seem to agree!!!!! I know how STRANGE, completely out of this world strange! Here we were, Jasper and I trying to protect them and they were not grateful at all. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. In fact the told us to STOP! And not even in a nice way, they were like “JASPER”! “HOLLY”! “NO”! “STOP IT”! Of course we didn’t listen, I mean they had to have gotten it all wrong. They must have not realised we were trying to protect them, this man was a stranger, did they not get that? Humans are so confusing.

And the misunderstanding did not stop there, they even put us outside, still telling us to SHHHHHH! Finally the man left, I hear Jasper’s daddy saying he was a survey man (whatever that means), and how were we supposed to know that he wasn’t a thief, or con-man, or worse a DOGNAPPER!

Worse of all the cats do nothing, seriously nothing, we could be robbed and they wouldn’t even lift a finger to help (talk about lazy) and they didn’t get in trouble! Look at them!

You would think Toby had nothing better to do than rest his weary head.


And Avari takes her time just smelling the roses. Seriously Avari?



And Pumpkin just lazes about like she is some kind of royalty!



So yes Jasper and I are very confused, we try to do the right thing, we try to do what a dog is designed to do and we get told off! It is so unfair, maybe I’ll stage a protest, or go around the neighbourhood with a petition for all the dogs to sign. We must unite and teach these humans that we have the right to bark when a stranger approaches!

So yes today I am not known as Holly-Rose . . . . I am to be known as Miss Understood



Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks (and a few barks) Holly . .. oops I mean Miss Understood *cutest barking puppy ever*





  1. Sorry you were misunderstood, Holly, but I find the experience very cute indeed. My puppy K would so understand how you feel!

  2. Im completely with Holly and Jasper on this, you can never be too careful with strangers. They are both gorgeous. #Justanotherlinky

  3. Oh my, I so understand your pain – all good dog owners should realise you had their best interest at heart …

    Haha, I have just had my computer hijacked by Saari, my dog!!!! Thank you so much for adding this great post to #AnimalTales and I hope we’ll hear many more of your tales over the coming weeks.

  4. Bob only barks when we show him his lead ready for a walk and at the odd stray cat, otherwise he’ll let anyone in the garden and house

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