forgive me? of course you will, I’m too cute!

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

Well it’s been a while between doggy blogs, you have to forgive me because I’m cute! Plus you have to forgive me because it has been a bit crazy around home! After my family got back from their holiday WITHOUT ME (how rude) they got to work packing up our house. We were officially moving, and our cosy home became a house that looked like it was occupied by big brown boxes that my adopted brother Stan loved to chew on and the cats loved to jump all over! I was the only one that behaved like a proper lady.

Moving day was super fun, there was this really big truck that I kept trying to chase whilst mummy chased me yelling “Holly, Holly”, gosh it’s fun watching these humans trying to catch me!

We are all settled in now, for the next six months we will be living with my brother Jasper whilst the humans build our new home. I love it here I run and run and I drink out of these special water bowls they put in just for me, although for some reason they call them a “bird bath” which makes no sense what so ever to me!

Here are some pics of me having fun at our temporary home.

me and my doggy bowl, not a bird bath!


if only it was a little lower


I’m super fast




you can’t catch me Stan


I’m hiding from Stan shhhh . . .


So yes, life is sweet for this sweet girl! And the best thing is they have a warm and cosy fireplace I can lay next to at night time, yep bliss!

Bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly *cutest fastest dog ever*



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