I had the time of my life . . .shhhhhhhh

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

You might remember last week I told you how my family abandoned me, yes ABANDONED ME (can you believe it?) for a trip to tropical north Queensland! They didn’t even enquire about taking me, I mean come on, if they had rang the airline and told them that Holly-Rose, yes THE Holly-Rose needed a flight then I have no doubt that the pilot would have let me fly with him in the cockpit, I mean if Boo can do it then surely I can too!

I am much cuter than Boo don’t you think? PS you better say yes



In fact according to this guy



there is no reason I couldn’t become a qualified pilot within a day!

So this is my proof that they abandoned me, because if they really wanted to take me then they could have. I am very sad!



And to rub it in they have been posting photos like this on Facebook.




But I must confess, (just don’t tell me family because they need to feel guilty), that I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE



The girl is me and the boy is Stan! OK it’s actually some human actors in a film called Dirty Dancing, but that is how we feel. This grandparents house is awesome!!!!!!!!! There is so much space to run and run and yes run! And that’s what we have been doing. It was so funny the other day, Stan was running after me and Jasper was running at me the other direction and then just when they thought they had cornered me I ducked underneath them and they went flying into each other OUCH! I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did!

The nice Granddad man has also been letting me in at night time to lay on my bed by the wood fire, it is so cosy, who needs Queensland when you have a cosy wood fire, not this cute doggy.

Anyway their holiday is coming nearer to its end so I will see them soon, all I’m saying is they better bring me a present, a big present or a small expensive one resembling this



Bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly *cutest dog ever*





keep calm and buy your dog some Tiffany

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  1. Don’t worry about that family of yours. Next time come stay at the Temple although you seem to have been quite content.xx

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