School Holidays

Dog with a Blog Part 28

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*

It’s been school holidays here and let’s just say I have been getting loads of attention! The good and the not so good kind. It’s great that I’m not bored but sometimes living with a 5 year old who is obsessed with me can, well to put it politely, be a bit of a nightmare.

He wants to take me everywhere, like all around the house and trap me in his bed for cuddles, there is such a thing as too many cuddles. He wants to play chase and hide and seek, well I hide he seeks. (When he hides I don’t seek).

Then there are the girls, they are much easier to put up with, well at least they were until Aspen’s bestie came over. Then it was someone’s great idea to have a fashion parade staring ME and the cats! They set up a whole runway and lights, and made everyone tickets to come and see us. Now I am the first to admit I’ve got it going on, and I am one fashionista of a pup, but too much of a good thing is just TOO MUCH!

I had so many outfit changes, and those cats were not cooperating (have you ever tried walking a cat on a lead with feathers decorating it? Um yes I am being serious that is what those girls did)! So as you can imagine the cats didn’t want a bar of the fashion parade which left it up to me to save the show. I wore an array of outfits, but my favourite was the fairy wings, I did look adorable, the crowd totally agreed!

The highlight of my week though was chillin’ out with Adam playing UNO, it is this really fun card game that Adam and I love.


School holidays are over now, they go back to school in 2 sleeps, I will need a well earned break, but I will miss them lots too!

Until next time, bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly *cutest UNO playing dog ever*






PS Jasper is in the bad books, he peed on my mummy’s bed and is now banned from her room hahaha, and yes he is still trying to do the doggy dance with me, naughty Jasper.

Yep I’m exhausted . . . .



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