Ruby comes to stay

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever* and this is blog number 26.

Did you read my post last week? Did you? Did you? Well if you didn’t (how rude), I told you all about how cousin Ruby was coming to stay with me!!!!! (And yes some humans came with her too), it was the best week ever!

Meet Ruby:


It was like we had never been apart, you know how sometimes when you haven’t seen someone for ages and there is that awkward stage of ‘will we still get along as good as we used to’? Well there was none of that here! Oh no we were straight into fun and games, licking, nipping, smelling butts (I will never understand why humans don’t do that it’s really a great way to get to know people), Ruby and I were just full of energy and excitement. We even had sleep overs with my adopted brother Stan. We invited Jasper to join us but he didn’t want to. (To be honest, “inset whisper here” I think he thinks he is a human, he doesn’t seem to do doggy things like us).

The good news is though that we actually got Jasper to come outside with us and have a play without him running away, it was a huge breakthrough. Like HUGE!

Stan and Jasper:


Ruby has left now, her mummy human said I could go and live with them, but I think it would make my human people sad. Aspen, April and Adam really love me, I am lucky to have my family and don’t worry Ruby we will be reunited someday soon. (I will keep chewing their shoes until they get the point and take me to visit you “insert cheeky puppy grin here”)!

Until next week, bow wow for now, love and licks Holly *cutest best buddy puppy ever*





Oh no Ruby you left your doggy bed, blanky and favourite Teddy here! I know! I have an idea! Make your human mummy bring you back for another holiday YAY! What’s a 9 hour drive anyway?!

Worn out Ruby:


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