Leaving me again

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever* and this is blog number 24.

Yep they are doing it, they are leaving me again! I’m not sure if you remember but months ago they went away for a weekend without me, here is a refresher! Yes last time I thought they would take me with them, I mean who would leave a very cute and well behaved pup like me just to go away for a night at the beach? Well they did it then and yes they are doing it again! Maybe I should stow away in that car roof pod? I can’t believe how rude they are being.



How much fun can people have at the beach anyway?



OK it is kind of fun at the beach, but that is only when I’m there. The beach can’t be much fun without me, right?

They say that where they are staying doesn’t allow dogs, but I’m not any dog, don’t they realise who I am? I’m the Holly-Rose, yes that’s right peeps, I’m THE one and only super cute superstar Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*. Any place would be lucky to have me grace them with my presence. Just because I bark, pee on the carpet (very rarely), and yes I did pee on that yoga mat one time (in my defence I was very relaxed), it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be entitled to a night away at a beach side luxury cabin! All I can say is rude, how RUDE!

Hey, hang on a minute, I am hearing some great news, and this my friends is better than a beach trip, I am going to Rosie’s house! YAY, best news ever, that’s E.V.E.R, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever . .  OK you get the picture. I’m having a weekend with my sister, a sleep over with Rosie. Here is a picture of Rosie in case you forgot how cute she was (as if you could, and I mean she is my sister of course she is super cute like me).



Here I come Rosie, let the fun begin!

Until next week, licks and hugs Holly and Rosie *cutest sisters ever*





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