Doggy loo

Hi it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*, yes I know this post is coming to you on a Sunday, terrible isn’t it? I always post on a Saturday, but it is not my fault. I don’t like to lay blame, but I will, it’s mummy’s fault, yes it is all her fault. I had my post all ready and then she went and got sick! How rude of her! OK well I guess she didn’t mean to get sick, so maybe I can forgive her.

Anyway this is post 22! Last week I celebrated 21 posts, check it out! We looked back over my journey, it was fun. Now back to this week. I went on my first ever trip out of state! Yep I hit the road folks, well I didn’t hit it, but I sat in the car and snuggled for the whole 8 hour drive (plus some fun stops to run around and bark at other dogs I met along the way). It was awesome!


Now the thing I was most excited about was the discovery that the Dog on the Tuckerbox is not a myth! It’s real, it really is REAL. I never thought I would actually get to met the Dog on the Tuckerbox, but I DID! It was the best day of my life!


Guess what they even have a doggy loo there, can you believe it? Seriously? Look how cute I look in the doggy loo.




Finally after a long drive we arrived at our destination in NSW, and I finally got to meet my beautiful cousin Ruby! She was so excited to see me, and I was like “chill out Ruby”, OK I was excited too, we both were, we hit it off instantly. “Ruby stop sniffing my butt”.



We had lots of fun, she has the most awesome kennel, it had like a gazillion toys in there. Sometimes though we just wanted to be inside, “please let us in”.



I was really sad to say good bye to Ruby and the kids who live with her, they really loved me and were so nice to me.

It was a great weekend.



Until next time, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever*




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