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Dog with a Blog (part twenty)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.

Did you read that? Part 20! Can you believe it, this is my 20th blog post? Yay me! I feel like celebrating!

Come on every dog, every where, POOL PARTY! Jump on in!



It was a week of celebration, not only did I make it to 20 blogs, but my big brother Jasper celebrated his 2nd birthday.


My week started off great, Stan and I went on walks, we snuggled and we dressed up for our latest photo shoot.

DSC_0064 (1)









But then it wasn’t so great. Little Adam got sick, he was so miserable. It made me really sad. I know he can sometimes be a bit crazy and chase me everywhere. But when he is sick I miss all the noise and chaos that my little buddy brings to the house. I spent lots of time snuggling on the couch with him and the kittens. I made him soup and rubbed his back and read him stories, (well I am a genius dog you know, my talents go beyond blogging).

I gave him lots of kisses too, he loves my licky kisses, but who wouldn’t, right?



He is getting better now, thanks to mwah! But he’s still not back to his noisy self.

Mummy decided I needed another bath, I love being pampered and all, but did I really need this many bubbles?



Come on mummy, it’s a bit OTT, (that’s over the top in case you forgot).  Adam! Adam rescue me!!!!!!!!



Thanks buddy! Now it’s time for this pup to take a well deserved nap!





Next week will be blog 21, that’s like having a 21st birthday, I am expecting a cake, maybe some balloons, fire works display and my first taste of champagne. This pup deserves nothing but the best, even if I say so myself.

Until next week, hugs and licks from Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*


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