Top 5 things to be thankful for this week

Dog with a Blog (part nineteen)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.

Aspen had a surprise party this week, it was mayhem. I am the first puppy to jump up and down if I don’t get attention, I LOVE attention, but this was O.T.T, that means Over The Top (for those of you that don’t know).

Picture this! 22 children in one home, yes 22! Plus their parents. The attention was glorious, I was the star of the show, well you could have guessed that, right? But by the end of the night, well let’s just say this, my love of attention was waning (just a little).

Aspen’s friends are awesome, but a room full of 10 and 11 year olds means this little pup, (that’s me), was getting worn out.  And can I just say that there were loads, and I mean loads of pressies, but not one person brought me a present. Now I know it is not my birthday, but still not one present!!? Come on!?

I will tell you though that I am thankful for a few things this past week.

1. Attention, (I love pats).

2. Other pets in our house. (When I started to get worn out with sharing all my cuteness, at least I had Stan and the furry things to share some attention with. Admittedly I was still the cutest, but they all come a close second).

3. My ability to camouflage with cute toys. (When it all gets too much, it helps to blend with soft toys and hide).

4. Ear muffs.  (A house full of 11 year old boys and girls can be really noisy)


5. People having their own homes, (let’s just say it is nice when everyone goes home and a puppy can get her beauty sleep).

Anyway, must go now, mummy says I need a bath, I don’t why? Let me sniff myself, pardon me for a second . . . .

Um no, I do not smell, not one little bit! “Mummy, I do not smell, I don’t need a bath”!  . . . .

No, she’s not listening to me, OK, I better go. “Yes mummy, I am comING!!!!!!!!”

OK friends, until next time, hugs and licks from Holly (shh don’t tell mummy, but I am going to go camouflage myself amongst the toys, she’ll never find me for that bath).






  1. Oh Holly-Rose if only those dogs Pistol and Boo would learn a little about life from you.. You embrace it, appreciate the little things and don’t let all the fame go to your head.

    • Oh yes I could teach Pistol and Boo some manners, tell them to email me

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