Dog with a Blog (part eightteen)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.

I have been invaded again, seriously! Yes INVADED! Not just by furry things either, this time they adopted a new DOG! Can you believe it?

But guess what? It is the best news EVER! Yes really. I am so super duper happy! Did you hear me, I said super duper H.A.P.P.Y

H for hallelujah

A for awesome

P for playtime

P for pals

Y for yippee

I finally have a friend who wants to play, and his name is Stan. He was abandoned, I know, crazy right? Who would ever not want their dog? We are the best things in this world, dogs are fun, cute, full of energy, do awesome barking sounds, we play, we snuggle, we chew toys, we love unconditionally. It’s true we are the perfect package. Perfection at its finest.


So yes, back to Stan Gregori Peter. He is my new best friend. I went to the pound to meet him and we just loved each other. Now we snuggle at night, we share our toys, we go for walks and we play, play and play some more.



We did add a new furry thing to the family too. She’s actually pretty cool, she lets me play with her. Her name is Avari and she is pretty fluffy and sweet.


I am really happy now, I feel like I am surrounded by my best friends every day!

DSC_0944 (1)

Until next time, hugs and licks, from Holly *still the cutest dog ever*

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