Pretty Pooch

Dog with a Blog (part seventeen)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.

This week was haircut week, and I must tell you I’m feeling like a new woman. I am looking fabulous, watch out boys Holly-Rose is in town and looking mighty fine.


A day at the doggy spa was just what I needed. I was shampooed, groomed, clipped, nails done, ears washed, the whole royal treatment. The lady even told my mummy that I was super well behaved. I even had a little rose bud put in my fur.


After mummy picked me up we headed to the children’s school and all the children their went nuts over me. I know what you are thinking, and I agree, I am the luckiest, prettiest pooch ever!

Until next time, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever*





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