Barbie ain’t got nothing on me!

Dog with a Blog (part sixteen)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.

If you’re wondering if I am still barking, yes I am, and if you are wondering if my family have finally realised how clever I am to do this, then sadly no, they are simply not smart enough to know a good thing when they hear it!

Now don’t get me wrong, they love me, and I get loads of hugs, but when it comes to rewarding my barking, well they just don’t get it! Still no “good girl Holly-Rose”, or “who’s a clever girl, yes you are Holly-Rose”! But if you recall I am a girl with stamina, so I don’t give up easily!

I wanted my own Website, I got it, I wanted more chew toys, I got them, and now I want to be accepted for my wonderful barking sounds and I will get that too.

Now I have dignity, I truly do, but sometimes I have to admit that my cuteness works to my advantage. So today I set myself a mission. I’d win them over with my cuteness.

First step a bath!



Second step a blow dry



Step 3 my cute French outfit, they will never resist me in this



Okay step 4, bark and look adorable whilst doing it, um hello? Hello, look at me I am cute! Hello? Family? Anyone want to say “who’s a cute girl, who’s a clever girl doing that barking”!

I can’t believe it! OK new plan, I’ll work it like Barbie, actually Barbie ain’t got nothing on me!





No, still no love for this barking trick, but I am looking so good and my barking is such an awesome achievement. OK maybe they really don’t like my barking? Is that possible? Can they be that silly, that crazy that they don’t appreciate my genius, super special barking skills?

Now I know these humans aren’t quite as clever as us dogs, but I had expected a little more.

Maybe I’ll just stick with wowing them with my cuteness!



Yes!!!!!!! It’s official they LOVE me, totally L.O.V.E ME! They saw me in this and they were all over me, I am officially the *cutest dog ever*, those humans are putty in my hands (except for the barking thing), they love everything I do!

Life is SWEET.

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *officially cutest dog ever, forever*

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