A confused pup

Dog with a Blog (part fifteen)

Hi it’s me *cutest dog ever* Holly-Rose.


Guess what I’ve discovered this week? Go on guess! You’ll never get it . . . it is Barking! Yes barking, it’s this awesome new sound I can make. It’s so great, I never knew I had this sound in me, but one day I just opened my mouth and MAGIC, out came this almighty noise.

It works like this, I hear a noise and I respond with WROOFFFFF, I know what you are thinking, ‘too cool’, right? You are thinking, ‘this little puppy is awesome, not only is she cute, but now she can make awesome big doggy sounds. Yay for Holly-Rose’!

If the dog next door barks, I do it back, it’s so much fun. If the neighbours arrive home, I do it, if someone walks past the front of MY house, yup you guessed it, I bark! I am so adorable.

Just between you and me though I don’t know if mummy and daddy get how awesome it is. I know you are thinking to yourself, “that is impossible, everyone knows how awesome barking is”. But I am not sure they see it like that. I bark and then I look at them and they don’t smile. Weird right?

I bark again, and I look at them all hopeful and they just look grumpy! It makes no sense at all. I have learned to sit for my food and they are all like “Holly you are such a clever girl”. I learned to wait nicely to wave bye bye when our visitors leave and they smile and say “good girl Holly, who’s a good girl, you are Holly. You are such a good girl”. So now I learn this great new talented skill of barking and they don’t smile, they don’t say ‘good girl’, or ‘you are so clever Holly-Rose’, I don’t even get a pat for it. Life is so hard some days!

Not only do I not get a reward, I get “NO Holly”! Can you believe it, they say ‘NO’? What is wrong with them. This reflections from me team have lost the plot! Can’t they see how clever I am to bark? Those furry kittens can’t do it, the chickens can’t do it, Aspen, April and Adam can’t do it, mummy and daddy can’t even do it! So why don’t they see my talent? I am special!

So I leave you with a confused look upon my cute face. Maybe you can tell me why they are not happy when I bark, because I just can’t figure this problem out.

Oh yes look what I found, I might order this sign online for them!


Bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest, most talented barking dog ever*




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  1. Love it Holly-Rose! Is that why the dog next door to me is constantly barking, I thought it was cause his owners are always out and he was lonely!

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