It’s been a rough week

Dog with a blog (part twelve)

Hi everyone,

I am a bit sore today. I had my operation this week, you know that one so I can’t have babies. I am a bit sad, not that I cant babies. I am still a baby. But I didn’t like having surgery. I try to run and jump, and then OUCH, I remember that I am sore. I try to lick it a lot, and my family say ‘no’! It’s so annoying, I really, really want to lick it! You know what it’s like when something is itchy and you can’t reach it to scratch it. Well it feels like that! Like I just want to get to it, and they stop me! So unfair!!

I am like “hey peeps don’t you know who I am?!!!!!! It’s me Holly *cutest dog ever* if I want to lick something I can“!

And they’re like “no Holly you can’t lick it”!

I even give them my super cute look



Still they wont let me lick it! So next I try my sad puppy eyes, with my sweet face . . . . .



Nope, nothing! OK now I have cracked it! Just don’t talk to me!



To make up for it April took me for walks, it cheers me up!

Adam has to get in on the act too.

Ah, now this is the life!

Until next time, hugs and licks, Holly. *cutest dog ever*




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