How to get more chew toys

Dog with a Blog (part 2).

Hi readers, wow I can hardly believe it has been a whole week already with the team and they still haven’t changed their Website name to reflectionsfromHOLLY, I’m working on them though, maybe next week? Well a girl’s (pup) gotta have ambition, right? It’s been a great week, I eat, I sleep (in style), I bite furniture, shoes, toes, (I LOVE toes), and shh don’t tell them, but this biting thing works a treat, the more I bite the more toys they buy me, seriously I have a whole array of chew toys to choose from, they even got out the baby play gym for me, lovin’ it! (I am biting the keyboard right now, *insert puppy giggles here*).

My big brother came for a sleepover, but he doesn’t seem to like me much, (strange because I am so adorable), he runs away from me like I’m annoying (am not)! He will get used to me eventually I know he will, I’ll just keep chasing him everywhere, I’m a girl with stamina!

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly (cutest dog ever)!

PS: the grown up man stepped in my poop this morning it was so funny! Not sure why he wasn’t laughing though?


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