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Dog with a blog (Part ten)

Hi my friends, it’s me Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever*



I am so happy you came by today, because I have something fun to share with you! Wait for it . . . . . . My first ever video blog! I am so clever, woof woof! Clever, cute, cheeky, I’ve go it goin’ on. I am so excited . . . . I am so excited . . . . I am soooooo super EXCITED! My tail is wagging, here I go  . . . . Actually WAIT, um, I’m nervous! Just remember that this is my first time dancing the cha cha, so be nice OK? Promise? Truly promise? OK, you can watch it.

I love my life!

Until next time, hugs and licks Holly *cutest cha cha dancer ever*

PS: Did you hear about me peeing on mummy’s yoga mat? I just thought it was a pretty wee mat, how was I supposed to know? I mean in my defence it is green like grass, what was she expecting? Oh and here is a pic of me doing my workout on the yoga mat.


Girl Power! I am super strong girl, this dumbbell weighs more than me!

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  1. Oh Holly, how very clever you are! As your assistant midwife (AM) I can only say how proud I am of your great endeavors to date. I love hearing about all your adventures – and your mishaps! Perhaps your next dance will be the Macarena. I can’t wait to see that! IAM Karen

    • Hi Karen, I miss you, see you tomorrow for licks, love Holly

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