Life with a five year old

Dog with a Blog (part 6)

I may only be 11 weeks old, but I am a quick learner, last week I discovered that five year olds can be exhausting, yes this girl (pup) has learnt there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! Don’t get me wrong life is pretty sweet, I get fed 3 times a day, I get carried around like I am royalty, I sleep, I poop, I have cuddles, and I chew on whatever I please, although the humans don’t seem too impressed when I chew on their toes, I just don’t get it, who wouldn’t want someone as cute as me chewing on their toes? Beats me!

Back to my best buddy Adam, I think that boy must have those batteries that never run out! Sometimes I sneak off and try to hide, or I pretend I am asleep, you know how it is when you just need a little ME time,


but he finds me, he always finds me! I like his cuddles, I love his kisses, and I think it is super awesome when he throws my plum pudding toy and I chase it,


but well . . . . .should I tell you? OK sometimes he is a little bit . . .well . . .silly, you know that saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’? Well I will let the picture explain . . .


Yep that’s Adam, wearing his sisters Peppa Pig pyjamas, and yes he is wearing goggles and  making me dance with him! Now I know you know I am a groovy kind of girl but all I can say is one word right now and that word is “Embarrassing”!

Until next week, bow wow for now, hugs and licks from Holly *cutest dog ever*

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Don’t forget puppys need lots of love, play and attention, don’t get mad at us for chewing on things it is how we learn, just replace your shoe with a toy we are allowed to have. And I know you humans don’t like us peeing inside but we don’t have bladder control until we are 12 weeks old. Love your puppy!



  1. I love your blog! I have 2 shichon 5 month old girls and I can SO relate to your blog. It really gives me a smile to start my day — keep blogging Holly!!! PS yes you are cute and sweet but my girls are tops! Of course I’m a bit biased.

    • Thanks for leaving me a comment, makes me wag my tail! What are your girls names? I bet they are cute, and that is OK you are allowed to be biased my mummy is too, love and licks from Holly-Rose

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